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XXXLutz in Innsbruck reopens after complete renovation

The Lutz Group has invested around 2.5 million euros in its location in Innsbruck, Austria. The store reopened at the beginning of March after several months of complete renovation. In the new XXXLutz furniture store, the latest trends and insights of the Group from all over Europe are taken up and implemented in a bundled manner. The sales areas have been redesigned in both the specialist product and furniture departments - the bedroom department in particular has been extensively redesigned. The area of the boutique department was increased by 400 m2.

"Thanks to the remodelling and expansion, as well as the redesign of the entire exhibition area, we can now show the entire range and the entire spectrum and selection of brands on site," says Thomas Saliger, company spokesman for the Lutz Group. All the lighting has been converted to LED technology. Digital price tags now allow offers and promotions to be displayed directly on the shelves without any time delay. Existing green strips have been widened and new green islands created with native deciduous trees.

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XXXLutz in Innsbruck reopens after complete renovation
Foto/Grafik: XXXLutz KG
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