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Restructuring: Tejo's becomes Roller

Tessner and the XXXLutz Group have decided to merge eleven Tejo's SB Lagerkauf stores with the Roller furniture store chain. Roller, a joint venture of Tessner and XXXLutz, could thus strengthen its position as one of the leading furniture discounters in Germany, according to a press release. Six Schulenburg furniture stores and Tejo's SB Lagerkauf Schleswig will become part of the XXXLutz Group. The restructuring will take effect on 1 October 2023 and is subject to approval by the Federal Cartel Office. The focus on the XXXLutz and Roller brands is intended to promote awareness and enable a seamless combination of physical and digital shopping.

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Restructuring: Tejo
Foto/Grafik: SN-Verlag
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