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VME closes 2022 with increased turnover

The German furniture trade purchasing association Einrichtungspartnerring VME was able to realise a centrally regulated turnover of 1.76 billion euros last year. This corresponds to an increase of 10.3 percent compared to the previous year.

"This extraordinary result is certainly more due to a strong first half of the year in terms of turnover, but in the second half of the year our members were still able to hold their own in a politically and economically difficult situation according to the circumstances," says Chief Executive Frank Stratmann. "This year we are grappling again to inspire customers with interesting assortments, to draw attention to the homes of our member companies and, last but not least, to increase their footfall."

In 2023, the purchasing group wants to focus on comprehensive digitalisation projects. In addition, the VME wants to focus on target group-oriented brands such as Interliving and Trendhopper, innovative concepts and 360° communication to support the approximately 200 member companies.

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VME closes 2022 with increased turnover
Foto/Grafik: VME
The VME management from left: Peter Wülfing (Purchasing), Frank Stratmann (General Manager) and Jens Westerwelle (Purchasing).

Die VME-Geschäftsleitung v.l.: Peter Wülfing (Einkauf), Frank Stratmann (Hauptgeschäftsführer) und Jens Westerwelle (Einkauf)
Foto: VME
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