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Switzerland: XXXLutz takes over Conforama

XXXLutz is further expanding its market position in Switzerland. The Austrian furniture retail giant is taking over Conforma Switzerland. As reported by the online service blick.ch, nothing is to change in the brand presence and the branch network of the furniture store chain. The Conforama brand and locations will be retained, a XXXLutz spokesperson said on Thursday in response to a query from the AWP news agency. The takeover would also have no impact on the jobs of the 850 employees. 

Specifically, Conforama Suisse SA announced the sale of 50 per cent of its share capital to Austrian CAFS Invest GmbH. The takeover will take place through the acquisition of the shares held by Arole Holding SA, an investment company owned by entrepreneur Dan Mamane, who bought Conforma only two and a half years ago. Through this purchase, XXXLutz Group owns 100 per cent of Conforama Suisse SA, which includes 20 shops in Switzerland, French-speaking Switzerland and Ticino.

The Austrian group had only entered the Swiss market in 2018 with a branch in Rothrist. In 2019, the group took over Möbel Pfister, in 2020 it bought six Interio shops and converted them into Mömax shops. Finally, in 2021, the company expanded its Swiss presence with the Lipo takeover.

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