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Einrichtungspartnerring VME: Positive financial year 2021

Despite the unstable economic climate, Einrichtungspartnerring VME was able to close the 2021 business year with a net profit of 15.54 million euros and a centrally regulated turnover of 1.588 billion euros. The Bielefeld-based full-service association announced the figures after the shareholders' meeting at the beginning of September. The result corresponds to an increase of a good 20 percent compared to the previous year and a payout ratio of 1.25 percent. At shareholder level, 2021 was also a good year for the VME: 13 new companies joined, compared to only one leaving, which was due to a business going out of business. "We are very happy that the figures are so positive after this nerve-racking year. However, we are not looking at the coming months with fear, but certainly with seriousness, and we are classifying last year's results accordingly: down-to-earth, proud, respectful," is how General Manager Frank Stratmann analyses the results.

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Einrichtungspartnerring VME: Positive financial year 2021
Foto/Grafik: VME
The VME management: Peter Wülfing, Frank Stratmann and Jens Westerwelle

Die VME-Geschäftsführung: Peter Wülfing, Frank Stratmann und Jens Westerwelle
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