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Opti-Wohnwelt receives award for medium-sized businesses

Every year, the Oskar Patzelt Foundation awards the Grand Prix of Medium-Sized Businesses to companies from different sectors in different regions of Germany. This year's motto: "Now more than ever". Opti-Wohnwelt (head office: Niederlauer, Northern Bavaria) was the only furniture retailer in Southern Germany to receive the coveted prize. Another award-winning furniture retailer is based in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania: Möbel Preuß from Neustrelitz.

Opti-Welt impresses with its expansion and investment drive: at the end of 2020, despite Corona, the management decided to take over a total of 21 locations of other furniture stores (such as Tessner and Roller). This puts the chain store in the top 30 of Germany's furniture retailers. Begros member Opti-Wohnwelt is investing heavily in the conversion and modernisation of its branches; its furnishing consultants work with tablets and modern planning tools. The company runs two online shops (Opti-Wohnwelt and Opti-Megastore) and trains junior staff in 14 apprenticeship professions.

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Opti-Wohnwelt receives award for medium-sized businesses
Foto/Grafik: Boris Löffert
Dr. Silke Föst, Ehefrau des Opti-Wohnwelt-Geschäftsführers Oliver Föst, nahm die Auszeichnung entgegen.
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