Victoria Group: upward trend halted

UK-based Victoria Group reported sales of GBP 1.26 billion (EUR 1.48 billion) for the financial year 2023/24 (30 March), down 14.0% on the previous year. The manufacturer of textile and ceramic floor coverings and underlay materials has grown steadily in recent years, including through acquisitions such as Balta Home and Ragolle.

The UK & Europe Soft Flooring division currently accounts for GBP 636.2 million (-11.5%) and UK & Europe Ceramic Tiles for GBP 350.9 million (-22.6%); sales in Australia totalled GBP 106.1 million (-12.2%) and in North America GBP 163.3 million (-3.1%). Group EBITDA was GBP 160.7 million (-18.0%).

The Group's management is currently focusing on productivity improvements rather than further acquisitions. It therefore expects margins to continue to improve until 2025, even in a stagnating market.

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