New BSOT seminar to prepare for expertising

Cologne - The Bundesverband der Sachverständigen für oriental, hand-knotted Teppiche und Flachgewebe ("Federal Association of Experts for Oriental, Hand-knotted Carpets and Flatweaves", BSOT) is pleased to announce a second seminar to prepare participants for their work as experts for carpets, oriental carpets and flatweaves.

The focus of this seminar is on the preparation of expertises for various clients such as courts, insurance companies and private individuals. Participants will gain practical insights and valuable knowledge to enable them to work competently and professionally in this specialised field.

The exact content of the seminar will be announced at a later date. The seminar will take place on 11 and 12 September 2024 at the premises of Ten Eikelder in Cologne. Contact the BSOT office: bsot@ten-eikelder.de

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