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New Object Carpet showroom in Hamburg

On March 13, carpet manufacturer Object Carpet hosted a showroom opening in central Hamburg at Kaiser-Wilhelm-Str. 14. After 15 years in Neue ABC-Straße (also in central Hamburg), the showroom moved just around the corner. It is now located in the so-called Springer Quartier, named after the Springer publishing house in this area – and is around 200 square metres, more than double the size of the old one.

Object Carpet presented its innovative carpets, acoustic tiles and rugs in a modern setting, including the Forum for Great Ideas collection by design duo Kathrin and Mark Patel, who were also on site. Managing Director Daniel Butz introduced the showroom team of ten and announced that Object Carpet's complete range of carpets with polyamide/Econyl pile will be converted to the recyclable Duo version by 2026: Here, the polyamide pile can be cleanly separated from the polyester backing, and both will be fed into separate material cycles. In contrast to the Neoo mono-material line made of 100% polyester, which is also fully recyclable, Duo can offer significantly more colorful designs.

Showroom managers Ulrike Scheu and Jutta Tiegs are looking forward to welcoming architects, contractors and specialist retailers.

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New Object Carpet showroom in Hamburg
Foto/Grafik: SN-Verlag
Object-Carpet-Geschäftsführer Daniel Butz (vorn rechts) und das Object-Carpet-Team
New Object Carpet showroom in Hamburg
Foto/Grafik: SN-Verlag
Der neue Hamburger Showroom von Object Carpet bietet eine Fläche von 200 m2.
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