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Amini Carpets & Catawiki: "Made in Afghanistan" Charity Auction

Amini Carpets, in collaboration with Catawiki, has launched the charity auction "Made in Afghanistan" to support Emergency Ong Onlus in its initiatives in Afghanistan. The auction, which runs from 24 November to 10 December, features 44 Afghan carpets representing the 44 years of hardship the country has endured.

Ferid Amini, CEO of Amini Carpets, said: "The situation in Afghanistan, a country where we have our roots and where our history begins, has always been particularly close to our heart. With this project we want to contribute improving the lives of these populations.“

All the funds raised from the auction will be donated to Emergency Ong Onlus, an organisation known for its commitment to providing medical care in Afghanistan. Basir Amini, who oversees Amini Carpets' projects in Afghanistan, highlighted the company's efforts to revive local craftsmanship while remaining true to tradition.

By partnering with Catawiki for this noble cause, Amini Carpets aims to use the auction platform to support free medical and surgical care for those in need in Afghanistan. Frank Engel, Catawiki's Arts & Antiques General Manager, was enthusiastic: "We’re really thrilled to be using our platform to partner with Amini and help support free medical and surgical care for those who need it in Afghanistan.“

Link: -> Carpets from Amini Carpets at Catawiki

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Amini Carpets & Catawiki: "Made in Afghanistan" Charity Auction
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