Carpet Week Hamburg 2023: Third edition will be bigger than ever

The third edition of Carpet Week Hamburg is just around the corner and is expected to be significantly larger than the two previous editions. Thirty-six carpet suppliers invite to visit their warehouses and showrooms in Hamburg from 11 to 17 September. In this time Hamburg will host a very diverse range of goods, including carpets, flatweaves and accessories from all the main countries of origin. All styles will be represented, from classic and modern Afghan carpets and modern South Persian nomadic carpets to antiques and one of a kind pieces with classic designs - from rustic to fine silk - including, of course, handmade collection carpets and high-end designer carpets. The type of companies exhibiting is also very diverse, ranging from small specialist retailers to full-service suppliers.

Carpet Week Hamburg 2023 – The participants

· Akbar Trading
· Akhavan Farshchi
· AWT – Wahdat Trading
· Bidabadi
· Bo-Tepp Borhani
· Gebr. Borhani
· Chavochinia
· Faradj & Homayoun Farhadian
· Heshmati
· Ipek – A. Ipektchi
· Jambros
· Kalantari
· M2Rugs
· Mirzazadeh
· Modam
· Ali Mohammadi – Urban Rugs
· Mohammadkhani
· Mohammadzadeh & Sohn
· Monadjem & Saifar
· Motamedi
· Naziri
· Y. Nowbari
· Old Oriental Rugs – Nazir
· Rimex
· Sadiq & Sohn
· Sahrai
· Samadzada
· Satar Carpets
· Seyedi
· Gebrüder Sherzada
· Tabrizi
· Bahram Tahbaz
· Tepp Team
· Younus Trading

Carpet Week Hamburg 2023 – The opening hours

The core opening hours of the exhibitors' warehouses and showrooms during Carpet Week Hamburg are Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00. Appointments are requested for weekend visits.

For further information please visit www.carpet-week.com

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Carpet Week Hamburg 2023: Third edition will be bigger than ever
Foto/Grafik: (c) Jonasweinitschke | Dreamstime.com
Carpet Week Hamburg 2023: Third edition will be bigger than ever
Foto/Grafik: SN-Verlag
The warehouses and showrooms of the praticipants are spread all over the city. Especially near the airport and of course in the famous Speicherstadt.
Die Lager und Showrooms der Teilnehmer sind über die ganze Stadt verteilt. Vor allem in der Nähe des Flughafens und natürlich in der berühmten Speicherstadt.
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