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Interview with EUCA: Focus on Domotex

The European Carpet-Importers Association EUCA is the industry representation of companies active in the import trade with oriental carpets in Europe. Carpet Home spoke to Dr Ali Ipektchi (President EUCA) and Jens-Peter Höge (2nd Chairman) about Domotex 2023 from the association's point of view.

Carpet Home: How do you assess Domotex 2023?

Jens Peter Höge: We thought it was wonderful that a trade fair finally took place again after such a long break. You could talk to each other in person, show and touch goods.

Dr Ali Ipektchi: The feedback from exhibitors and visitors was consistently positive, but many also found it a pity that our industry was not represented in the form and on the scale it should have been. Of course, there are also individual, quite understandable economic reasons for this. All in all, it was a weaker fair due to the market situation, but certainly a good one for the participating companies.

Carpet Home: What participation do you expect from your industry for Domotex 2024?

Dr. Ali Ipektchi: We are very much looking forward to Domotex 2024, the association makes a clear recommendation for it. Of course, it's up to each individual to decide who participates, but based on the positive response among customers and colleagues, we believe that our industry will be more strongly represented again.

Jens Peter Höge: Domotex Hannover has a history and is still the world's leading trade fair for hand-knotted carpets. For 2024, we expect a stronger event in every respect.

Carpet Home: How do you react to new trade fair offerings?

Jens Peter Höge: We at the EUCA think it is right to focus on one location - and that is Hanover. If there are trade fair offers at the same time or in parallel in Germany or abroad with a similar concept, we find that difficult, because there is a risk of wastage.

Dr. Ali Ipektchi: A fragmentation of the trade fair landscape makes no sense from our point of view. Concentrating the industry at one time at one location is fundamentally in the interest of the visitors and thus also of the exhibitors and the market. For us, Domotex remains the flagship of our industry.

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Interview with EUCA: Focus on Domotex
Foto/Grafik: EUCA
Dr. Ali Ipektchi, Jens-Peter Höge
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