Hermes / Otto: New warehouse for 320,000 rugs

Hermes Fulfilment is the central logistics and returns service provider of the Otto Group. As an extension of the location network, a large rug warehouse has been put into operation near Erfurt. Half of the 50,000m2 hall is dedicated to rugs. They are stored in twelve-metre-high shelves, up to 320,000 pieces at full capacity. In the other part of the hall there is space for small pieces of furniture. The company's own logistics can handle up to 10,000 orders a day.

Around 260,000 rugs, some of which are currently still stored at another location, are successively transported to Erfurt. "A logistical tour de force that will be completed by the end of March," says plant manager Volker Weidemann. Parallel to the move, new goods are being delivered from the countries of origin, mainly from Turkey, India and Pakistan. The spectrum ranges from small bath mats in large quantities to a few examples of selected Persian carpets, a press release states. The company transports about 500,000 floor coverings per year for Otto Group trading companies.

Before the rugs are dispatched, they are subjected to a quality check. They are then transported by shuttle truck to Ohrdruf in Thuringia, 50 kilometres away, where Hermes Fulfilment has been operating a modern logistics centre for 30 years. Here, the products are fed into the delivery network of the sister company Hermes Germany and delivered to end customers in Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

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Hermes / Otto: New warehouse for 320,000 rugs
Foto/Grafik: Hermes Fulfilment
25,000 sqm of warehouse space exclusively for carpets

25.000 qm Lagerfläche ausschließlich für Teppiche
Hermes / Otto: New warehouse for 320,000 rugs
Foto/Grafik: Hermes Fulfilment
Quality check in the warehouse before dispatch

Qualitätscheck im Lager vor dem Versand
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