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Domotex Hannover to remain annual, no further spin-offs planned

So it is after all: Domotex is sticking to its rhythm and will continue to take place every year in January in Hanover, although with different focal points. In 2024, and in all even years thereafter, Domotex - Home of Flooring is to take place as usual. This means that, in addition to rugs, the entire floor coverings sector, such as carpeting, resilient floor coverings and hard floors, will be represented.

Starting in 2025, Domotex Carpets & Rugs will focus on exhibitors from the range of hand-made carpets as well as machine-made carpets and carpeting in the odd-numbered years.

Domotex Asia / Chinafloor in Shanghai completes the range in the Asia-Pacific region. The same applies to the Middle East with Domotex Turkey in Gaziantep - subject to local developments after the earthquake disaster.

Further activities in Istanbul are completely off the table. In this way, Deutsche Messe AG, as organiser of Domotex, wants to avoid a fragmentation of the market through further trade fair offerings.

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Domotex Hannover to remain annual, no further spin-offs planned
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