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Jysk reports record turnover

With growth of 11% to the equivalent of EUR 4.87 billion, Jysk set a new record for total turnover in the 2021/22 financial year. Nevertheless, the current global challenges did not leave the Danish group unaffected. "With this very special year behind us, we have achieved a good sales result," Jan Bøgh, President and CEO, expresses his satisfaction. Business had been under pressure, especially in the summer, with smaller purchases and fewer customers due to rising inflation. Overall, the number of Jysk customers has nevertheless grown by 7.7 million. "We are clearly seeing consumers holding back a little. The growth, both in sales and customer numbers, was greater before the summer. In addition, our costs are rising, so we can definitely say that the global situation is affecting us," Jan Bøgh continues.

Jysk permanently closed a total of 30 branches in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine during the financial year.

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