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Rug Vista enters into partnership with delivery platform Ingrid

International online carpet retailer Rug Vista has partnered with delivery platform Ingrid. Ingrid supports shoppers with checkout, order tracking, and transport management. Ingrid is active in more than 80 markets around the world and has supported more than 40 million orders through its delivery checkout platform.

The partnership aims to provide customers with better access to preferred last-mile delivery options and optimise logistics. "We know that providing popular delivery and return options in each local market is critical," said Anders Matthiesen, chief operating officer at Rug Vista. "Teaming with Ingrid adds flexibility for our customers and allows us to continuously optimize our delivery and return experience." Rug Vista has recently rolled out Ingrid in Sweden, Denmark and Finland, with more markets to follow later this year.

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Rug Vista enters into partnership with delivery platform Ingrid
Foto/Grafik: Rug Vista / SN-Verlag
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