Carpet Week Hamburg 2022: May 4 – 11

Hamburg carpet importers organise joint in-house fair.

With the repeated cancellation of Domotex, a strong point of attraction for the carpet industry and an important trading centre for hand-made carpets is missing. Particularly with this product group, individual selection is crucial for the buyer. After all, it is for good reason that the international carpet trade travels to Hanover every January in normal years.

In order to be able to present their customers with as wide a range of handmade carpets as possible, even without Domotex, a number of Hamburg carpet importers got together and founded the "Carpet Week Hamburg" initiative. The aim was to mobilise as many companies as possible to organise an in-house fair on the same date and to promote it jointly. In this way, the importers reflect on the strength that the city offers. Hamburg is and remains one of the largest trading centres for handmade carpets.

The initiators can be proud of the result of their efforts. More than 20 companies (see below) have come together without a long lead time to jointly organise Carpet Week Hamburg 2022.

The week from 4 to 11 May 2022 was chosen as the date: a time when the pandemic situation should be much more relaxed and the city of Hamburg should also show itself from its best side in terms of weather. There is no denying that professional carpet shopping can be combined very well with a trip to the city of Alster and Elbe.

During Carpet Week, all participating suppliers will open their warehouses and invite their international customers. The spectrum of goods ranges from modern South Persian nomadic carpets, handmade carpet collections, traditionally patterned individual pieces, fine silk carpets, classical and modern Afghan carpets to antique carpets. The selection should make the journey interesting, even for international buyers.

Participants of Carpet Week Hamburg
Afghan Bazar
Akbar Trading
Akhavan Farshtchi
AWT Trading
Bidabadi Bo-Tepp
M. Chavoshinia Trading
Faradj & Homayoun Farhadian
Ipek – A. Ipektchi
Ali Mohammadi - Urban Rugs
Mohammadzadeh & Sohn
Monadjem & Saifar
Yaghoube S. Nowbari
Old Oriental Rug Art
Sadiq & Sohn
Satar Carpets
Bahram Tahbaz
Tepp Team

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Carpet Week Hamburg 2022: May 4 – 11
Foto/Grafik: Jonas Weinitschke | Dreamstime.com

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