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W. Heino: Skins for cosy living

Skins have been enjoying great popularity for several years now, used as cushion covers, for seat pads and as carpeting. And no wonder, being so warm and cuddly ... as real products of nature. These popular products fit very well with the modern Scandinavian style as home living accessories, but also look great with traditional interiors, and go with the hip “loft” look as well.

Founded all the way back in 1747, W. Heino is an owner-managed family firm with a broad product portfolio, offering a complete range of skin products since 1886. It’s no accident that the company’s headquarters is in Schneverdingen, in northern Germany’s heath region, where there is a tradition of trading in the skins of specially bred local sheep. In response to rising demand the company changed its business model to all-imported, purchasing tanned skins of New Zealand sheep and Brazilian cattle.

Proprietor Christoph Heino runs the business today, keeping a warehouse full of skins and lambskin rugs in natural tones and the latest trendy colours, offering special sizes and shapes as well.

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W. Heino: Skins for cosy living
Foto/Grafik: W. Heino
Natural skins by W. Heino for cosy living both indoors and out.
Naturfelle von W. Heino machen es drinnen und draußen gemütlich
W. Heino: Skins for cosy living
Foto/Grafik: W. Heino
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