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Special edition on Mohamed Khamis in Carpet Home IV/2021

"A true Egyptian visionary" and "the most loving and giving person I have ever met": When Mohamed Farid Khamis, founder of Oriental Weavers, died a year ago, he left a legacy that will strongly resonate for years to come. Carpet Home's special edition on this influential entrepreneur outlines his life and work and the impact he had and still has on the carpet industry: Oriental Weavers, one of the world's largest manufacturers of machine-made carpets, has ambitious plans to grow even further. In an interview, his daughter and successor Yasmine Khamis gives a very personal insight into the kind of man he was and how he inspired and shaped her. The special edition on Mohamed Farid Khamis (English-language only) is is enclosed with every copy of Carpet Home IV/2021. Click here to read the supplement online.

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Special edition on Mohamed Khamis in Carpet Home IV/2021
Foto/Grafik: SN-Verlag
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