Ebay starts project for local online-marketplaces

Together with ten German cities, Ebay Germany is launching a project to strengthen local trade. "Ebay – Deine Stadt" ("Ebay – Your City") is designed to enable cities and municipalities to set up local online marketplaces. Here, shoppers can find retail offers from their city and support local retail online if they cannot or do not want to shop in the bricks-and-mortar shops themselves.

At the moment, ten German cities and municipalities are participating in the project: Nuremberg, Lübeck, Chemnitz, Potsdam, Mönchengladbach, Moers, Gummersbach, Diepholz, Bad Kreuznach and the Ortenau region. By the end of the year, Ebay and the German Retail Association (HDE), which is supporting the initiative as a partner, would like to win many more cities and municipalities for the initiative.

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