German furniture trade with slight plus in 2020

EUR 23,767 billion was the total turnover the 30 largest German furniture retailers had in the calendar year 2020 – a plus of 1.2 %, compared to 2019. This is reported by the trade journal "Möbelkultur" in its current extra edition "Möbelkultur Umsatz 2021".

All in all, the furniture giants did well in 2020, but had to go through a "rollercoaster of emotions": first the lockdown, then the reopening with consumers doing a lot of catching up, and finally another lockdown. There was also the shift to the internet: According to "Möbelkultur", the main beneficiaries were, above all, online suppliers such as Otto, Amazon, Home24 and Westwing. The situation for chain stores in the discount sector has developed less positively.

The top three furniture retailers in Germany are still 1. Ikea, 2. XXXLutz and 3. Höffner. Because of Lutz's stake in Roller, Tejo's and Schulenburg, the company is catching up with Ikea and will possibly take first place – that remains to be seen.

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