Deutsche Messe: Restructuring with drastic cuts

With a turnover of EUR 100 million and a loss of EUR 83 million, 2020 was the most difficult year in the history of Deutsche Messe in Hanover. As an organiser of international trade fairs (including Domotex) and events, the business has been idle for more than a year. With the "Deutsche Messe 2027" concept, a far-reaching restructuring has now been initiated that includes cuts in various areas and considerable savings in material and personnel costs. The workforce will be reduced from 740 to 525 employees by 2027, short-time work has been announced for 2021, the 30-hour week will be introduced from 2022, collectively agreed and above-agreement benefits will be reduced. 

As already reported, the top management is also affected by changes: Dr. Andreas Gruchow has left the board, Dr. Jochen Köckler now leads Deutsche Messe as sole board member. 

In future, the trade fair organiser is planning to focus even more on sales, new business and hybrid trade fair formats. "We are expanding our trade fairs to include year-round digital offerings, making our exhibition centres 5G-ready and planning completely new events for 2022," the company announces.

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