Reinkemeier-Rietberg: Pure jute, hand-woven

You can't get more natural than this: the Mamda carpet by Reinkemeier-Rietberg is hand-woven from pure, untreated jute fibre and thus displays the typical silky golden sheen of the fully biodegradable fibres. The plants from which they are obtained belong to the mallow family and thrive in an ever-humid, tropical climate. "Sustainability is not a trend, but the only way to shape the future," says Marketing Manager Jürgen Hemsel.

Reinkemeier-Rietberg has the Mamda carpets in seven sizes permanently in stock: four rectangular carpet sizes from 60 x 110 cm to 190 x 290 cm, an 80 x 200 cm runner and two round carpets, 80 cm and 120 cm in diameter.

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Reinkemeier-Rietberg: Pure jute, hand-woven
Foto/Grafik: Reinkemeier-Rietberg
Mamda. Reinkemeier-Rietberg
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