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Samsung study: Interior decoration is becoming more important

The trend is more towards the dream flat than the dream dress – this is how Samsung Europe sums up the result of its Europe-wide study "Decentralised Living" on the topic of "Living Trends in the New Normal". Almost 11,000 adults between 16 and 75 were asked in November how the pandemic had affected their lifestyle, and 37% stated that the appearance of their home was more important to them today than before the pandemic. In Germany, people who have money to spare for purchases are six times more likely to spend it on furnishings or home entertainment than on fine clothing or accessories. They prefer "nesting chic" to "dressing chic".

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Samsung study: Interior decoration is becoming more important
Foto/Grafik: Samsung Electronics GmbH
Diana Diefenbach, Head of Retail and Communication Home Appliances bei Samsung Electronics GmbH
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