Digital Rug Market: Discover new products and collections

Carpet! Magazine is breaking new ground with Digital Rug Market. This format combines the advantages of the printed trade magazine Carpet! Magazine with the possibilities offered by a digital platform.

The core of Digital Rug Market is the English-language online platform. Here, from 18 January to 8 February 2021, participating companies can present a selection of new products and collections in detail and in a multimedial format. Parallel to this, these new products will be shown in the printed edition of Carpet! Magazine I/2021 – in illustrated articles, as part of our products section.

A big plus of combining print and online is the possibility to also use videos. In this way, participating suppliers can virtually guide visitors through their new collections. And the presentation of individual pieces via video is a dust-free alternative to going through a whole pile of rugs. Catalogue programmes can be uploaded by the suppliers as PDF files and are thus quickly accessible to the visitors.

In any case, the product presentations in Carpet! Magazine and on digitalrugmarket.com invite carpet retailers to discover the new products and diverse collections of many different suppliers. And although this is of course no substitute for a trade fair, the new format offers a wide range of inspiration and detailed information. You can find more information at www.digitalrugmarket.com
Digital Rug Market: Discover new products and collections
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