Wayfair closes its only stand-alone store

Wayfair's first and only stand-alone store in Natick, Massachusetts, is being closed down again. The Boston-based online seller of interior decoration products opened the bricks-and-mortar store in 2019 on a space of just under 350 m2. According to Wayfair-spokeswoman Jane Carpenter, it was a great challenge to display a representative selection of the company's products in such a comparatively small area.

Still, Carpenter sees the store as a success: Even though Covid-19 reduced footfall at the Natick shopping centre, a lot of buying customers visited the store, which also aroused their interest in Wayfair's broader online catalogue. In the future Wayfair will certainly make another attempt at opening bricks-and-mortar shops, says Carpenter, but probably in a larger space.
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