Exhibition: Sheila Hicks – Thread, Trees, River

Dynamic, sensually enticing, infinitely colorful, delicately intimate, and often monumental and space-defining: the fabrics, sculptures, and installations of artist Sheila Hicks challenge traditional notions of art and explore new territories. Hicks is a virtuoso in textile vocabularies and their historical traditions, interweaving the fine arts with design, the applied arts, and architecture to create objects and environments in which materiality, tactility, form, and color – ranging from the subtle to the vibrantly luminous – become a fascinating language of their own.

Sheila Hicks (born 1934 in Nebraska) began her artistic work as a painter. Her immensely rich knowledge of indigenous weaving practices—gleaned from working in North and Latin America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, India, and Asia—is integral to her multifaceted work. Sheila Hicks devotes special attention to extending the material of fiber into the third dimension. In the exhibition Thread, Trees, River , which will be on view at the Vienna Museum of Applied Arts MAK from December 10, 2020 to April 18, 201, the artist presents both new and well-known works and space-consuming sculptures that she relates to architecture. Further information is available at www.mak.at.
Exhibition: Sheila Hicks – Thread, Trees, River
Foto/Grafik: VG Bild-Kunst VG Bild-Kunst
Sheila Hicks
Exhibition: Sheila Hicks – Thread, Trees, River
Foto/Grafik: VG Bild-Kunst
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