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Otto Golze: Consistent concepts for retailers

The full-range supplier Otto Golze sees great potential for both online and bricks-and-mortar retailers and supports its customers with a lot of service for both categories: with "talking" pictures, advice and a strong in-house and field crew. After over a year of Corona, the company is doing well. Now Golze is investing heavily in several areas, such as warehouse expansion, on-site product finishing and a new IT system.

"We need to become more and more of a seller of brands and concepts rather than a seller of individual products" – Golze is continuously developing its range of products and services according to this principle. At the end of 2019, for example, Golze introduced flexibly designable Golze brand shops. This, according to Golze's Managing Director Carsten Gähle, has enabled bricks-and-mortar retailers to significantly increase their sales per square metre.

Online retail is also becoming increasingly important for Golze. The company, which is based in Lower Saxony, sees great potential in both sales channels and supports its customers accordingly. Thus, there are ongoing plans for big investments: in a new IT system, for example, in professional support for retailers – and, of course, in the product portfolio: "We can't rest on our laurels now, but have to keep moving so that the business continues to develop healthily." After all, transport costs and material prices are currently exploding due to the pandemic, and containers and packaging are becoming scarce (see interview in the box). Golze manages to find new solutions and ideas and relies on its many years of experience in sourcing, as well as on a trusting relationship with its customers.

Read the whole story in Carpet Home IV/2021.

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Otto Golze: Consistent concepts for retailers
Foto/Grafik: Otto Golze
Since the eye can grasp images more quickly and easily than texts, product advantages are visually set off, also by using symbols.
Da das Auge Bilder schneller und leichter erfasst als Texte, hebt Golze die Vorzüge seiner Produkte auch durch Symbole hervor.
Otto Golze: Consistent concepts for retailers
Foto/Grafik: Otto Golze
New marketing pictures demonstrate how different mat sizes relate to the size of a standard front door and will convince the viewer how "puny" a mat can look when chosen in too small a size.
Neue Marketing-Bilder führen dem Betrachter die Größenverhältnisse zwischen einer Haustür und verschiedenen Mattengrößen vor Augen und verdeutlichen, wie „mickrig“ eine zu klein gewählte Matte wirken kann.
Otto Golze: Consistent concepts for retailers
Foto/Grafik: Otto Golze
A display that requires just 1 m2*** can already generate EUR 5,000 in sales if all products on it are sold just once.
Ein Präsenter von nur 1 m2*** Standfläche kann bereits 5.000 EUR Umsatz generieren, wenn er sich nur einmal dreht.
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